Phil Nichol: ‘Too Much’ Edinburgh Fringe Festival Preview Tuesday 23rd July 2019

The Secret Comedy Club presents Phil Nichol: 'Too Much' Edinburgh Fringe Festival Preview Tuesday 23rd July 2019


Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner Phil Nichol has announced a brand new stand up show for this year’s Edinburgh Festival entitled ‘Too Much’ going to the Monkey Barrel  4 for the month of August. This show follows an incredible two-year run with his last show ‘Your Wrong’ that played at the last two Festivals and toured across the UK, Europe, SE Asia, Canada this year and is set to go to New Zealand this May.

‘Too Much’ follows the rollercoaster ride of Phil’s hilarious relationship with the modern world. And what a confounding, hilarious and messed up world it is. It’s too much.

The planet is messed up, society has devolved, mankind is hopeless, vegans are right, you aren’t supposed to punch facists, the left are self-righteous morons, everyone is a selfish prick, Phil’s a bleeding hypocrite. It’s all too much. Too much.

Ask yourself this, what kind of person ends up-

-Naked on The Weakest Link?

-Taking two 75 year olds to Glastonbury?

-Arrested for quoting Derek and Clive on a Virgin Train?

-High on Ecstasy in the back of a police car in Lancaster?

-Surviving a Rocket attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan?

-With his nose broken by a Royal Marine in Thailand?

-Listening to his 90 year old mom tell him how madly in love with his father she is?

Phil Nichol. That’s who.

‘Too Much’ takes an unflinching look at aging, recognition, mental health, values, norms, patience, love, everything and conkers. Expect riotously uncomfortable anecdotes and oversharing delivered in Nichol’s unique live-wire style.

“This Fringe I’m performing two comedy shows and a classic play every day. Too Much. I’ve written 23 solo hours for the Fringe. Too Much. I’ve won or been nominated for 25 awards including 2018 Best Touring Show (Scottish Comedy Awards 2018) Too Much

I have over 1034 total stars over the twenty three years of stand-up and 33 years of total comedy that I have performed. Too Much. And still I’m worried that no one will like me. It just all Too Much.” -Phil Nichol 2019

Phil Nichol has been seen on TV in Catastrophe (C4), Uncle (BBC), Man Down (C4),  Siblings (BBC3) and playing Terry Gilliam in BBC4‘s BAFTA nominated Holy Flying Circus. He has starred alongside Christian Slater in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Boy George in Taboo, Bill Bailey in the fringe hit Twelve Angry Men and initiated the stand out character of Hugo, a middle aged drag queen, in the original West End production of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ at the Apollo Theatre.

He has won numerous performance awards including the 2005 Stage Award for Acting Excellence (The Zoo Story), the 2006 Edinburgh Comedy Award (The Naked Racist) and most recently a Scotsman Fringe First for the monologue Somewhere Beneath It All, A Small Fire Burns Still (2011).


“…beautifully crafted…a show that makes you laugh and think while you are watching, and then wakes you up in the night to laugh and think again.”     THE SCOTSMAN *****

“…the sheer energy he exudes in the forceful, sweat-drenched performance pumps life into any audience.”   CHORTLE ****

“.. not just comedy but soul-quenching storytelling at its finest.”      EDINBURGH FESTIVAL MAG  ***** 

“..Phil’s unique show sizzles with energy and passion… a thrilling hour of hilarity which has a real heavy metal thunder about it, a sound that is unique.”      NEW EUROPEAN ***** 

“…a masterful mea culpa. Underpinning the set is a revelation so honest it’ll stop you in your tracks. But this is a spoiler-free zone. It’s Phil’s confessional and he tells it incredibly well.”    THE HERALD ****

 “a well constructed show, which weaves in politics and religion seamlessly, while providing a much-needed tenderness to an intense hour.”          THE SKINNY ****

“…a sweaty, high-octane hour filled with vitriolic diatribes against modern society, religion and any other number of targets – but with a more caring, inclusive message at its centre”   THE WEE REVIEW ****

“…an enthralling performance …As always the writing and performance is top notch, the theatrics are there and his personality and charisma fill the performance space to bursting point. Don’t miss this show. If you do, then your wrong.”          ONE4REVIEW ****



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