Steve Hili: ‘Green Finger’ Brighton Fringe 2021

The Secret Comedy Club

Steve Hili: Green Finger
29th May 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Steve Hili: Green Finger

29th May Doors 5pm – 5:30pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

Oi! You! Do you want to save the planet? Do you also like nob jokes?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

The Earth is in trouble. But despite everyone’s efforts, things seem to be getting worse. So award-winning comedy smartarse Steve Hili is here is here to put it right.

Greenfinger is a high-octane coming together of environmentalism and “sexiness“ in a last-ditch effort to unite humanity and save us all. A mix of real actual activism, stories from the green front and an intervention from one of the most influential people IN THE WORLD, this might just be the most important show you’ll see this year!

Forget Extinction Rebellion. This is SExtinction Rebellion!

‘Sterling Work’ – The Guardian

‘Rather Silly’ – Scottish Mail on Sunday

‘The energy of a dog’ that needs to be taken out – VICE

‘Hili delivered a show that was both hilarious and eye-opening…The show was perfect, the comedian was perfect, and you must see it ASAP’. – VoiceMag


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