Hatty Ashdown: ‘Dig Deep’ Brighton Fringe 2021

The Secret Comedy Club

Hatty Ashdown: 'Dig Deep' Brighton Fringe 2021
30/31st May Start 7pm / End 8pm
19th June Start 4pm / End 6pm

Hatty Ashdown: DIG DEEP 

30th, 31st May Doors 6:30pm – 7pm Start  (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

19th June Doors 3:30pm – 4pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

“Wonderfully inventive, consistently funny”- Time out.
“innate funny bones” Chortle
“Anecdotal humour that never feels stilted or scripted..
. ” Three Weeks

Join Hatty (co-writer of Give out Girls on Comedy Central, Kerry on Josie Long’s BBC Radio 4 show Romance & Adventure, presenter of Funny Mummies podcast on Soho Radio, and host of Screaming with Laughter comedy club) for an hour of comedy as she digs into the joys of how we survive the tough and the tedious.

Hatty is fascinated with how people cope, from big stuff right down to the small stuff (like just finding the strength to empty the dishwasher again). In this work in progress show Hatty wants to explore and share with you her outlook on class, money, grief, mothering without a mother, and whether her mum held the key to a happy and worry free life all along.

Bring a worry with you to offer up to the show, you never know it might just let you go.

(the audience are invited to write down a short worry they have on a piece of paper however silly it may seem, and hand it in at the start of the show)

Work in progress show


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