Harun Masho’d: ‘Why I Don’t Talk To People About Terrorism’ Brighton Fringe 2021

The Secret Comedy Club

Harun Masho'd
9th, 16th & 23rd June 7pm - 8pm

Harun Masho’d: Why I Don’t Talk To People About Terrorism

9th, 16th & 23rd of June Doors 6:30pm – 7pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

“Harun Musho’d is an Arabic name. Good news is I can’t drive. Bad news is I have a rucksack. If you don’t like that joke, don’t come to this show.” The  reasons  Harun  Musho’d  doesn’t talk to people about  terrorism include: prejudice and stereotyping, complex family background, two near-misses as a victim of terrorism, and the obvious fact that he doesn’t identify as a terrorist. The show isn’t just about terrorism, but encompasses politics more widely and some exploration of his complex background, and bonkers family.

‘Praise for Harun Musho’d: “Excellent Show. Sharp and witty comedy from a rising star.” FringeReview. 

“a great comedian” ★★★★ Views From The Gods. 

“When so many newer comics are Stewart Lee wannabes, at least this bears comparison to the original” Chortle. 

“If you get a chance to see this and miss it then you are a fool!” ★★★★★ Faversham Radio.

“A likeable and funny comic” The Reviews Hub’


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