Emmanuelle Martin: ‘I Surrender’ Brighton Fringe Festival 2019

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Emmanuelle Martin: 'I Surrender' Brighton Fringe Festival 2019
Emmanuelle Martin presents I Surrender at The Secret Comedy Club: Fringe Comedy Hub for the Brighton Fringe Festival 2019

Emmanuelle Martin: ‘I Surrender’ Brighton Fringe Festival 2019

The world is not quite right, so she listens to the voices in her head. It’s not all black and white, if you can’t beat them, join them they said. Former bastard, adoptee and wanderer, Emmanuelle Martin takes the comedy stage with sarcasm, travel stories, and a look into the darkness of the soul.

“Pure Brighton Fringe Comedy”

“On aurait préféré qu’elle devienne avocate” Mr and Mrs Martin

“Funny for a girl” Ex-boyfriend

“She looks so cute but she is nasty” Host at a comedy night who wishes to remain anonymous


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2019/05/03 17:00:00

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