Edinburgh Fringe Preview Compilation Show: Cassie Atkinson, Jilberto Soto, Sameena Zehra & Chris Cooke. Fri 29th June

Jilberto Soto: Butterfly

After Jilberto’s 2017 successful show “Even God Knew I was Gay”, 2018 presents “Butterfly”. Questions often arise if butterfly is about Jilberto coming out of his cocoon and spreading his wings.. No, that’s gay. It’s obviously about the hit 1997 classic Mariah Carey album “Butterfly” so it’s even gayer. In all honestly, it’s a show that revolves around the butterfly effect, how the smallest change can make the biggest difference. In this show, Jilberto will walk you through how going to a vegan BBQ is like not going to a BBQ, his mom giving him useful tips to be himself (although to date that has not worked) and a story of how one little boy’s desire of a blue butterfly face painting could change the outlook of his life.

Cassie Atkinson

Join Cassie (2nd, Musical Comedy Awards 2018) for a few ditties, a little bit of death and a whole lot of fun. Words on BBC Radio 4 and popped up on ITV and E4. ‘Future national treasure’ ** (ToDoList.org.uk). “Hilariously dark…incredibly funny…a true writing talent” – British Comedy Guide
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Throughout July from Thursday to Sunday we are lucky enough to have some amazing acts doing their Edinburgh Fringe Festival Previews for us here at The Secret Comedy Club. Brighton & Hove, Sussex. They are all just doing one show each so watch as many as you can because this line up is pretty awesome and you don’t want to feel like you missed out after! You could literally watch all of these shows and it will still be cheaper than going all the way out to Edinburgh!

Doors 7pm / Start 8pm

With the caliber of acts we have on these shows will sell out fast so get your tickets while you can! (these are not Brighton based acts so you will not be able to see them often in Brighton, but you can now!)


ID Acts Performing Day Date
1 Evelyn Mok Friday 22/06/2018
2 Julian Deane Saturday 23/06/2018
3 Louise Atkinson, Mickey Overman, Lisa Klevemark Thursday 28/06/2018
4 Sara Barron & Cassie Atkinson Friday 29/06/2018
5 Julian Deane Saturday 23/06/2018
6 Mike Sheer Thursday 05/07/2018
7 Aaron Simmonds & Daphna Baram Friday 06/07/2018
8 Thomas Green & Adam Hess Saturday 07/07/2018
9 Daniel Muggleton & Alex Kealy Sunday 08/07/2018
10 Caroline Mabey & Lisanne Fridsma Friday 13/07/2018
11 Loose Brie Saturday 14/07/2018
12 David McIver & Katie Pritchard Thursday 19/07/2018
13 Sarah Iles & Alistair Williams Friday 20/07/2018
14 Julian Deane Saturday 23/06/2018
15 John Pendal Saturday 21/07/2018
16 Dave Fensome w/ Dan Fardell & Al Lubel Thursday 26/07/2018
17 Zahra Barri & Stella Graham Friday 27/07/2018
18 Steve Bugeja & Sean McLoughlin Saturday 28/07/2018

The Secret Comedy Club sells out regularly so priority seating is given to ticket holders who arrive by 7:30pm. If you arrive after 7:30pm and have a pre bought ticket we will still guarantee you a space but we cannot guarantee where you will be seated. Anyone arriving after 7:45pm will only be let in if there are still seats available. No refunds on tickets for late arrivals

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