Adam Riley: ‘Saxon’ Brighton Fringe 2021

The Secret Comedy Club

Adam Riley: Saxon
31st May 8:30pm - 9:30pm
6th June 7pm - 8pm
27th June 10pm - 11pm

Adam Riley: Saxon

31st May Doors 8pm – 8:30pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

6th June Doors 6:30pm – 7pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

27th June Doors 9:30pm – 10pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

Psychopaths can’t feel empathy. Adam can’t imagine what that’s like.
Join him for an hour of stand-up comedy where he tackles some of the biggest problems in the world, and probably makes them worse.
AAA Stand-up show Edinburgh Fringe 2019
Chortle comedian to watch 2017

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