Valerio Sarà: ‘Unbelievable! 2’ Brighton Fringe Festival 2019

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Valerio Sarà: 'Unbelievable! 2' Brighton Fringe Festival 2019
Valerio Sarà presents Unbelievable! 2 at The Secret Comedy Club: Fringe Comedy Hub for the Brighton Fringe Festival 2019

Valerio Sarà: ‘Unbelievable! 2’ Brighton Fringe Festival 2019

Valerio Sarà is an Italian eccentric who has toured his unique brand of surreal stand-up comedy across the UK. He was born in Naples, a city where even driving a car is a pleasurable chaos and an adventurous challenge! He loves tomatoes.

“If you have not witnessed Valerio’s act before this is a must see! One of the funniest and most surreal acts we have had at the The Secret Comedy Club. We were in stitches”. The Secret Comedy Club

“Daft, absurd and very funny”. – Chesham Comedy Club

“Brilliant, surreal and hilarious”. – Comedy Cafè


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2019/05/03 17:00:00

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